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Nexwave One Voice SIP Softphone is a VoIP softphone brought to you by Nexwave Telecoms.  Using the latest compression technology codec, it enables crystal clear voice communication over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks for One Voice users from a variety of devices including Desktops, Latops, Tablets and Smart Phones.

Key Highlights:

•  G.729 Audio Codec ensures excellent audio quality even for limited bandwidth
•  Able to toggle between native dialer or VoIP softphone (Android & iPhone)
•  Powerful yet simple user interface
•  Supports Bluetooth (Android)
•  Speakerphone and mute functions
•  Users native contact list
•  Complete call logs

The One Voice SIP Softphone is available for Android, iPhone and Windows platforms.  Users require a One Voice user account from Nexwave Telecoms.

One Voice is a complete business unified communications phone service delivered over the internet, encompassing full PBX features and capabilities with integrated voice, data, fax, long distance as well as local calling services.

      Download OneVoice for Windows

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